Quincy is an incredible place. This is something I knew when I first ran for office, but I am still constantly amazed by the work that goes on in our city every day. In every neighborhood, every civic association and non-profit organization, our neighbors and friends give their time and energy to help make our city great. Quincy is a city that cares and that gives, and I am proud to be a part of this.

Over the past two years, I’ve learned from our residents about what they believe is great about Quincy,  what we can do better and where we should do better. As your At-Large City Councilor, I also believe that we should EXPECT MORE of our city.

We live in an incredible community. When we work together on behalf of Quincy and each other, we can -- and have -- done great things.

However, despite our strengths, we are still a city that faces divides on many fronts, and that division holds us back.

In order for Quincy to move forward, it must be inclusive, innovative, affordable, accessible, and rich in both business and in culture. Together, we can create a future for our city that allows everyone to thrive.

I will continue be your voice and your champion on the City Council and together we can build the bridges that will take Quincy where we want it to be.