Quincy is an incredible place. This is something I knew when I first ran for office, and I am still inspired by the work that goes on in our city every day. In every neighborhood, every civic association and non-profit organization, our neighbors and friends give their time and energy to help make our city great. Quincy is a city that cares and that gives, and I am proud to be a part of this.

For the past four years, I have had the honor of representing you as your At-Large City Councilor, and I want to continue to be your voice on the City Council. 

We live in an incredible community. When we work together on behalf of Quincy and each other, we can -- and have -- done great things.

Our city has seen a great deal of changes, and as we continue to grow we also need to ensure that our government does not forget its first priority - serving the people of Quincy.  That is why I ran for office, it is why I love being your city councilor and it will always be my top priority. 

Quincy has given me so much - a wonderful community in which to grow-up, and endless opportunities to serve you and our city.  I want to continue to serve you, and every person who calls Quincy home. 

This is our city.  This is our future, and I am and always will be your voice.