Wollaston T Station to Open TOMORROW August 16, 2019!

I just received notice that the Wollaston Station Reopening will be TOMORROW Friday, August 16th. Message from the MBTA as follows:

"A brand-new, rebuilt Wollaston Station is reopening for Red Line service tomorrow Friday, August 16, 2019.

Please check the Wollaston project website for updates and information: https://www.mbta.com/projects/wollaston-station-improvements.

Although Red Line service resumes, as a courtesy, bus shuttles will continue running through Friday, August 23, 2019. For Wollaston shuttle updates: https://www.mbta.com/diversions/wollaston.

As always, please feel free to contact us at Wollaston@mbta.com regarding the Red Line Improvement Projects."

MBTA 2019 Accelerated Capital Improvements

A message from the MBTA on the accelerated capital improvements that will take place this year:

“The MBTA seeks to provide reliable service to our customers. We acknowledge that we have fallen short of that goal at times over the previous few months.  Our customers have been delayed and inconvenienced.  We can and must do better.

On Monday, we will announce a number of accelerated capital projects, in keeping with Governor Baker’s plan from earlier this summer to accelerate capital construction projects.

We will use additional weekend shutdowns on the Green, Red, and Orange Lines to complete projects earlier than planned. By using these additional shutdowns on the weekends, we will improve safety, service delivery, and customer experience.

            Accelerated projects on the Green Line will allow us to:

·       Upgrade 30 intersections where passengers’ vehicles cross our tracks on the B and C branch.

·       Replace 7,000 feet of track on the B and C branches.

Accelerated projects on the Red Line will allow us to:

·       Improve customer experience by upgrading wayfinding signage, lighting, painting.

·       Enhance reliability by replacing 900 feet of track inside of Park street, and Downtown Crossing stations.

Accelerated projects on the Orange Line will allow us to:

·       Improve reliability by replacing 2,250 feet of track inside Downtown Crossing.

·       Enhance customer experience by replacing over 500 wayfinding signs, improving lighting, painting.

Attached you will find more details about our upcoming work and associated diversions.I look forward to partnering with all of you towards Building a Better T. As always if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me or my Director of Special Projects, Angel Donahue-Rodriguez, at adrodriguez@mbta.com or 617-981-5664.”

Quincy councilors demand parking, buses

After the short notice given by the MBTA to the residents of Quincy about the loss of nearly 600 parking spaces at North Quincy Station, I called for the MBTA to come to the City Council in order to present a full update on ALL MBTA projects across our City.

Quincy council creates LGBTQ commission

In a unanimous decision, the Quincy Council approved my legislation, sponsored by Ward 4 City Councilor Brian Palmucci to create a LGBTQ commission to better serve Quincy’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer residents.

Eastern Bank awards $50,000 grant to ACDC for affordable housing

Boston-based Eastern Bank, America’s oldest and largest community bank, has made a $50,000 grant to the Asian Community Development Corporation (ACDC) to help keep low-income residents in their homes in the face of large developments in Greater Boston. ACDC is a community-based organization serving low-income and immigrant communities of Greater Boston, Quincy and Malden.