Nina is a lifelong resident of Quincy.

From growing up in North Quincy and going to Sacred Heart School, to working with her cousin Jimmy Liang to operate a small business running several restaurants in Quincy today, Nina Liang is a real Quincy girl.

After graduating from Fontbonne Academy, Nina ventured out of state to Hofstra University in New York.  During her time away, she continued her fourteen years of dance experience and joined a dance troupe at her school.  When she wasn't performing or in classes, she worked at State Farm Insurance managing personal, commercial and financial accounts.


Nina is the Office Manager with her cousins operating the JP Fuji Group, which runs several restaurants around the city.  Part of Nina's job has been to involve the restaurant group more deeply in the community, and give back.  As a result, Nina has had the opportunity to work with community organizations such as Totally Arts, Quincy Medical Center's Greenbush Project, the YMCA, Father Bill's, QARI, Quincy Tourism, and Taste of Quincy.  She understands the value of public service and the positive impact one can make. 


The decision to run for Councilor at Large in the City of Quincy was born out of her desire to give back to her hometown, fueled by her endeavors within the community and driven by her experience running a business.

Nina Liang  active in our community

As a member of the JP Fuji Group, Nina is responsible for making sure the restaurants are involved, helping to make the community a better place.  In addition, Nina has given her time volunteering with organizations across Quincy.

  • Quincy Asian Resources Inc.
  • South Shore YMCA
  • Father Bill's Annual Foodfest
  • Quincy Community Action Programs
  • Quincy Chamber of Commerce
  • Joslin Diabetes Center
  • Totally Arts (Beechwood Knoll)
  • South Cove Manor

Nina Liang  supported by our community

Nina Liang is proud to have received the support & endorsements from . . . 

  • Local Laborers 133
  • Carpenters Local 424
  • New England Regional Council of Carpenters
  • Sherriff Michael Bellotti
  • State Representative Ron Mariano
  • At-Large City Councilor Doug Gutro
  • School Committee Member Barbara Isola